Having Your Own Carpet Cleaning Franchise to Create Financial Independence


         There is nothing worse than going into work and getting called into the boss’ office first thing in the morning. This is never a good sign, especially when it is on a Monday or a Friday. They smile awkwardly and tell you that you have been a great employee, but your position has been eliminated. Instead of falling victim to depression, take charge of the situation and consider going into business with a carpet cleaning franchise.

         Because times are tough all over, people are looking for ways to save money. That being the case, instead of replacing their old carpets, they are looking for someone to come in that can make them look brand new and hopefully get a few extra years out of them. This means that the carpet cleaning industry is booming right now.

         More and more people are embracing the idea of owning their own business and rejecting the traditional, stuffy, 9 to 5 corporate atmosphere. If this sounds like an appealing idea to you, you’ll want to know a few things before contacting a carpet cleaning company to inquire about their franchise opportunities. First, you will need some money to invest in your new business as you will need to pay for all the fees associated with start-up costs, licensing, supplies, and so forth.

         Secondly, you will need to adhere to the rules and standards set by the parent company. Since you will be using the company’s name, business logos, and reputation to get your new business up and running, you will want to make sure you represent the head company as best as possible. You may want to hire a lawyer and an accountant in the beginning to make sure your business plan is on track and everything is covered. More new businesses fail because of common oversights that happen during the beginning stages than anything else.

         A carpet cleaning franchise is one of the best and least complicated businesses to open. Typically, you only need a company-issued vehicle and the cleaning equipment and supplies that you can buy directly from the parent company. You typically won’t have to rent an office building and you can take calls from customers on a separate business line right at home. Since this is a service-based business rather than a product-based business, there won’t be a whole lot of overhead to eat away your start-up capital.

         While you will benefit from their national advertising, you are still going to want to advertise locally and you will need to earmark money exactly for this. Most small business owners will set up a variety of sites that will each detail the different aspects of their company along with one site that features everything. This is so that you are getting exposure is every niche of the business.

         Once you have everything documented, researched and planned out, you are ready to go. Remember that customer service always comes first because you have to give them a reason to want to use you. A good rule of thumb is to treat every customer like they are your only customer and you will do just fine.

         If you have ever wanted to start your own carpet cleaning franchise, now is the time. SFBaycarpetcleaning.com is one of the most successful carpet cleaning home based business opportunities available today.