Making Decisions About Upholstery Cleaners


         Did you know that choosing an upholstery cleaner can cause sever stress to a normal person? Do you realize how many different types of upholstery cleaners there are and how many different ways there are to use or misuse them? And it all starts with the simple thought “I need to clean the couch or chair”.

         Now the decisions start. What kind of upholstery is covering the couch or chair? Do I want to just do a rush job and sprinkle a little powder on it, rub it in a little, and then vacuum it off. Maybe I’ll go a bit further and use a foam that I spray on, brush in, let dry, and then vacuum off. After all, that seems pretty simple and easy.

         Or I could go all out and rent a machine that sprays chemicals on it in a steam form that will leave it looking fresh and new like it was dry cleaned. Maybe I’ll stay somewhere in the middle where I use more effort than powder or foam but less than a machine. Decisions about time, effort, and money first.

         Then I discover I have leather patches on my furniture. That calls for a whole different set of products. Leather cleaning is totally different from cloth. If you use the wrong cleaner you can ruin the leather with spots, cracks, and stains. I don’t want to do that. Leather furniture is expensive. So I have decide on products for both types of upholstery cleaning.

         You have odor removers for cooking odors, smoke odors, and pet odors. Some are pre-treatments and some are in the cleaners themselves. You decide which way you want to do it, before you clean or while in the process. Which way is best for how much time, effort, and money you are willing to spend.

         Choosing upholstery cleaners can turn out to be a major decision if you choose the wrong products. You can ruin your furniture by leaving it spotted or with holes in it, or smelling bad. Or harm your family or pets if it is the wrong chemical mixture.

         What about the odors? There are odor removing products for pet odors, cooking odors, and smoke odors. Which ones of these will I need? Which ones can be used with the pre-treatment for stains and the cleaners I have chosen? Which ones actually neutralize the odors and which ones just cover it up for while. More research and more decisions has to be done.

         Upholstery cleaners can lead to stress I have discovered. But it is a job that has to be done occasionally and thank goodness there are products for it. Choose wisely for yourself and your family. You and they will be the ones to enjoy the fruits of your labors and the results of which products you choose to use.

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