Oil Stains On Carpet


         In Fairfield, CA when you find that there is oil in your home you had better hope that you are sitting on the mother load of wealth and underneath your land lays riches beyond your wealthiest dreams. Unfortunately this is probably not the case and you just probably have a big oil stain on your carpet, and that great mood that you are in will have turned drastically around in a short amount of time. Oil is one of the toughest stains.

         Oil is quite possible the hardest stain to get out of carpet, and we will discuss throughout this article on how to do it yourself, but unless you are experienced with carpet cleaning, it might be hard for you to remove it. If you are pressed for time it might be better to contract a residential carpet cleaning company in Fairfield, CA to confront the problem.

         Oil is one of the biggest magnets for dirt, as you can see in the various spots around town where oil is on the ground like driveways, parking lots, or garages. The oil attracts large amounts of dirt and other debris and pulls it in whatever the oil is sitting on. The hardest part to deal with when it comes to carpet cleaning an oil stain is to not send the oil deeper into the layers of padding and cushioning below your carpet. You do not have to deal with mold or mildew when you have an oil stain, you just have to live with all of the debris and dirt that the oil will attract.

         Home is the last place that you or your family would want to have oil, and there are precautions that are taken to help alleviate the problem of attracting oil into the house and onto the carpet. You make the rules that their should be no shoes in the house, not performing any work in the house on any auto parts, and generally making sure your dirty things are left out of the house.

         First of all, if you are in need of a speedy remedy and you have no spot cleaner you can use an acetone based product such as nail polish remover 94120. Make sure that the fabric of your carpet is not acetate; this will result in permanent damage and dissolve your carpeting fibers.

         The techniques for taking oil out of your carpet are pretty simple, you first want to spot at the stain with a paper towel to try to remove as much as possible, make sure not to use cloth towels as they will be ruined. Next you should apply the spot remover or the fingernail polish remover and continue to blot at the stain.

         Anytime you clean with chemicals be sure to wear protective gloves and work in well ventilated areas for your safety. When you see that this is quite a job ahead of you never let yourself worry too much as there is always a skilled Fairfield, CA carpet cleaning company that can assist you with this and they will be happy to remove the oil from your carpeting for you.