Upholstery Cleaning in San Francisco


         Even though many carpet cleaning companies offer upholstery cleaning as an additional service they offer, cleaning your sofa and chairs requires a different approach than cleaning your floors. The fabrics used on your furniture are much more delicate and can easily be damaged by the wrong type of cleaning. These fabrics may have also been treated to be resistant to stain and this coating can be destroyed with the wrong type of cleaning.

         SFBay Carpet Cleaners in Alameda are highly skilled in the proper techniques needed for upholstery cleaning 95116 and will use their steam carpet cleaning equipment to leave your chairs and couches looking great. Steam cleaning is a gentle process that won’t damage the fabrics on your furniture and will easily remove the dirt and stains that may have accumulated there over time. This process is recommended by many furniture manufacturers as the preferred method of cleaning these surfaces.

         The steam cleaning process involves a natural cleaning solution that is super heated to a very high temperature and then pushed deep into the fabric of your upholstery with a specialized nozzle. This nozzle turns this extremely hot liquid to steam, which allows it to penetrate the fabric easily and loosen the dirt. These nozzles are made in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow them to access every nook of the chair or sofa. The combination of the heat from the steam and the power of the cleaning solution will unlock the dirt’s natural adhesion to the fabric on your sofa and allow the powerful vacuum used to remove it easily. The whole upholstery cleaning process is quick and results is a very clean surface, with none of the residue other cleaning techniques may leave behind.

         The reason steam cleaning is so effective in removing dirt and stains is that the cleaning solution is first turned to steam before being applied to your upholstery. The high temperature of the steam amplifies the effect of the cleaning solution and allows it to release more of the dirt that is trapped in the fabric. Other upholstery cleaning methods that may use a similar solution are less effective at removing this same dirt. Because this liquid solution is applied as steam as part of the steam cleaning process, it means that there is very little liquid actually used and less chance of damage to your furniture. Other upholstery cleaning methods that use a liquid directly on the fabric can cause stains of their own and may actually drive the dirt deeper into the furniture.

         The other major challenge with competing upholstery cleaning methods is that they can leave behind a chemical residue on the fabric. These chemicals may have an odor and can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive people. They can also make the fabrics dirtier over time since they typically stay on the surface of the material. Each time a person rubs up against this surface; this residue will remove any dirt or oils from their skin and transfer it to the fabric leaving it dirtier. This will cause the fabrics to appear dirty quickly and require more frequent cleanings to improve its appearance. By having SFBaye Carpet Cleaners service your upholstery while they are cleaning your carpets, you’ll not only have cleaner furniture but you’ll save money in the process.